Quick charge 2.0/3.0 Compatible models

l).Quick charge 3.0 is a power charging technology that needs less time for charging than before.
2).Quick Charge 3.0 is engineered to refuel devices up to 4X speed as conventional chargers The
mobile phone can be 80% charged in 30 minutes(take a 3300mAh mobile phone battery as the
3).with optimized circuit design with IC switch judging and processing it can provide seven kinds of security protection to protect the working time of product battery such as over current
protection overvoltage protection electric leakage protection and short-circuit protection etc…
4).it supports chargers of three kinds of voltage with the technology of intelligent detection it will match the optimal voltage to charge and the best combinations are 5V 9V and 12V.
5).QC3.0 is compitable with QC2.0 devices.