How to Use a Car Power Adapter

With laptop computers and cell phones, anyplace can be an office. A power inverter or power adapter can turn a car into a mobile office,making time on the road more productive. Here’s how to make use of a car power adapter and inverter.

(Tips:laptop computers and cell phones can be directly into a computer’s usb port on the usb interface charging the output voltage is 4.75-5.25 V, output current maximum is 2A.Usb charger output voltage is usually 5V,the output current less than 2A has no problem, more than 2A will damage the battery,of course, a slightly larger do not have what problem)

Using a Dedicated Adapter

1 Check to see that the output cable connector matches the AC jack on your computer or

cell-phone charger. Some universal adapters come with a set of connectors to match

the most common jacks. If you’re using a proprietary adapter, be sure it’s the same brand as the appliance to which you’re connecting it.

2 Connect the adapter to your device

3 Place your vehicle’s ignition key in the “on” or “accessory” position.

4 Remove the vehicle’s cigarette lighter and insert the adapter’s 12-volt connector into the lighter socket.

5 Ascertain if the indicator light on the adapter, if any, is it. If not, recheck the connection to the cigarette lighter. The plug may have pulled out, your key may not be in the correct position, or the lighter fuse may need replacing.

If none of these is the case, you may need to replace the adapter.

6 Turn on the device.

Using a Power Inverter

1 Place your vehicle’s ignition key in the “on” or “accessory” position.

2 Plug the inverter’s connector into your cigarette lighter socket.

3 Turn on the inverter.

4 Plug the power cord for your device into the inverter’s plug.

Some inverters may feature a single plug, while others may feature two.

5 Connect the power cord to your AC device’s jack.

6 Turn on your device.