Exhibitors rush for limited booths


Exhibitors rush for limited booths

Where innovation connects!

Taipei, Nov. 22, 2012: Spanning all nations to shape the hi tech global village, COMPUTEX TAIPEI, is going all out to make its 33rd cycle a landmark year, when it unfolds next June 4-8. In spite of slowed economic times, exhibitor applications are flowing in like never before.

USA & Indonesia sign on!

The best touch stone for the coming success is news that the American Institute in Taiwan, AIT, and the Indonesian Computer Association are each setting up country pavilions. Their flags join the China Pavilion, Canadian Pavilion and Israeli Pavilion who are repeat exhibitors at COMPUTEX TAIPEI.

More than 80% of exhibitors return to Taipei after being impressed by the effectiveness of this show. Major exhibitors include renowned companies like Acer, AMD, Asus, Gigabyte, Microsoft, MSI, NVIDIA, Sandisk, Transcend and more!

International business knows that COMPUTEX TAIPEI opens the backdoors to China to best link her business needs while the Chinese view the show as the most important event for developing international business. Such factors have dramatically spurred exhibitor participation. It is projected that 1,800 international companies from more than 20 countries will join this show to drive ICT forward!

COMPUTEX TAIPEI: BEST platform for new product & tech presentations!

COMPUTEX TAIPEI constantly amazes world buyers and the media with its full line of professional ICT products and quality exhibitors. Exhibitors know the five-day COMPUTEX TAIPEI captures the global spotlight for key buyers and the world media who are anxious to explore the latest in ICT. This is the top platform for procurement, product launches and hit tech presentations.

Next summer everybody will be talking about the hottest in mobile communication and smart phones and scouting out the latest hardware, accessories and applications. Fresh volleys will be shot in the heated competition between iOS, Android and Window 8.

To shed fresh light on the converging operating systems, TAITRA is hosting scores of forums and seminars which cover such themes as cloud computing techniques, e-commerce and smart life. That’s where top executives and insiders from ARM, Broadcom, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm profile the industry and offer vital tips.

What’s up in mobile connectivity networking?

Car makers are increasingly plugging in ICT innovations to upgrade vehicle multimedia systems, providing the integration of entertainment, GPS, communication and other assisted driving smart programs.
Last June COMPUTEX welcomed top car maker, FORD to exhibit at COMPUTEX TAIPEI for the first time, where they presented cloud tech with vehicle multimedia and entertainment systems.
Next summer COMPUTEX TAIPEI is warming up to host even more cross-industry ICT applications.

These are only a few of the features and specials. Join us next June 4-8 to witness the unlimited innovation of ICT applications as COMPUTEX TAIPEI shapes the future!